TibiaData v3 beta

There is no full documentation yet, so this page contains the endpoints available.


Now there are a few endpoints available for testing.

All are GET endpoints.

The hostname for the v3 beta is https://dev.tibiadata.com followed by the endpoint from below.


Here is a list of endpoints available for testing


  • /v3/characters/character/:character


  • /v3/creatures
  • /v3/creatures/creature/:creature


  • /v3/fansites


  • /v3/highscores/world/:world
  • /v3/highscores/world/:world/:category
  • /v3/highscores/world/:world/:category/:vocation


  • /v3/killstatistics/world/:world


  • /v3/spells
  • /v3/spells/spell/:spell
  • /v3/spells/vocation/:vocation


  • /v3/worlds
  • /v3/worlds/world/:world

Changes from v2 to v3

The endpoints do not end with .json file extension anymore.

Endpoint locations can have changed and the JSON response itself has most likely changed for all endpoints.


This is the dev environment and endpoints can changed without warning.
This dev environment can be offline unexpectedly.
There is a ratelimit of 2 req/s applied.
The cache for all requests is set to 60 seconds (other timeouts can apply from Cipsoft side).


Join our Discord server and jump into the #v3-beta channel.