TibiaData API

TibiaData API is a RESTful API providing information in JSON format containing information from Tibia’s official homepage tibia.com, so you can build your own small tools.


Get the pure information from characters of Tibia based on your character search in the API in JSON!

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List all guilds of a certain world or get detailed information of a certain guild right in your guilds API!

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List all highscores of a certain world and see who got the right skills to top the list in our highscore API!

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List all houses in all the different worlds and towns of Tibia right through our simple API for houses!

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The latest 6 months of news and articles from tibia.com throu just a single request. Easy to make us of!

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List all worlds of Tibia or list all online players and more info of your favorite world in the worlds API!

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Latest updates from our blog

TibiaData API v3 beta ongoing

There is a dedicated page for the v3 beta existing, where you can see the current supported endpoints that you can start using. The page will be replaced with a full normal documentation similar to v2. Note This is the dev environment and endpoints can changed without warning.This dev environment can be offline unexpectedly.There is […]

Minor changes in TibiaData API

There have been a minor change to the TibiaData API regarding the gateway handling the requests. Earlier, we’ve been using Nginx as handler of the requests, but we have successfully switched to Kong API Gateway instead. This is a first step into upcoming changes.. There are two things we would like to highlight so far. […]

Maintenance of our server

Hi there, Today, we will migrating the API to a new platform and by that, the IP of the API will change. The support for IPv6 is temporary removed, so the API will now only be available through IPv4. It should not impact your except if you use the static IP instead of the DNS […]

Minor changes in TibiaData API

There have been a minor change to the TibiaData API regarding the characters views. Bug-fixes Characters view HTML changes on tibia.com broke parser (which caused disturbances) first row of tables was ignored but is back again now implementing support for multiple houses (replaced house with houses) Houses view fixing list of all houses Credits to […]