TibiaData API

TibiaData API is a RESTful API providing information in JSON format containing information from Tibia’s official homepage tibia.com, so you can build your own small tools.


Get the pure information from characters of Tibia based on your character search!

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List all guilds of a certain world or get detailed information of a certain guild right in your guilds API!

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List all highscores of a certain world and see who got the right skills to top the list in our highscore API!

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List all houses in all the different worlds and towns of Tibia right through our houses API easy!

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The latest 6 months of news and articles from tibia.com throu just a single request. Easy to make us of!

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List all worlds of Tibia or list all online players and more info of your favorite world in the worlds API!

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Latest updates from our blog

Ongoing disturbances in our API

We had some disturbances regarding the API due to weather conditions in our hosting location in Sweden during the night. All problems should be resolved by now. Kind regards,Tobias

Maintenance of our service

Hi there, Our hosting provider DigitalOcean will make changes in the networking equipment to improve performance and scalability of our hosting location. This maintenance will occur in two parts on consecutive days. This maintenance is expected to not have any impact on our services, but we’ll monitor it and update if so. Maintenance phase 1:Start: 2023-08-14 18:00 […]

TibiaData release v3.7.3

We have released a new version of TibiaData! Fixed You can find the changes in our Changeloghttps://github.com/TibiaData/tibiadata-api-go/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md You can find the v3.7.3 release on GitHub onhttps://github.com/TibiaData/tibiadata-api-go/releases/tag/v3.7.3 Kind regards,Tobias

Deploy TibiaData with Helm

Deploying applications on a Kubernetes cluster can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring manual configurations of deployments, services, and other resources. However, with the advent of Helm the deployment of TibiaData has become significantly easier. All our charts are available through charts.tibiadata.com. Add the helm-chart repositoryhelm repo add tibiadata https://charts.tibiadata.com Search for chartshelm repo […]

Ongoing disturbances in our API

We had some disturbances regarding the API and outgoing requests from our service to collect data. All problems should be resolved by now. Kind regards,Tobias