About this site

TibiaData is a private project, developed as a long term project, which provides a RESTful API.

What we do

We serve information in JSON format containing information from Tibia’s official homepage tibia.com.

Through our API, you can have access to an API providing information of characters, guilds, highscores, houses, news and all worlds and much more of Tibia.
You can based on the request provided by us build your own clients to retrieve the information you need.

Try it yourself!

Good to know

TibiaData is a supported fansite since 6 november 2017.

Tech stuff

How was the site built?

The API is written in Golang and the code is available on GitHub here.
We use a Kong API Gateway for purposes like caching and more.
The public website you are browsing right now is a WordPress installation.

What hosting do you use?

We do run our services at Hetzner Cloud and the service is deployed in Kubernetes spanning over their datacenters in Nuremberg (Germany), Falkenstein (Germany) and Helsinki (Finland).

If you are in need of an server, give it a try!
When using my referral link, you gets $20 in credits.

Here is a referral link: https://hetzner.cloud/?ref=mfxuGaPruY7L