Here are some common questions that we are receiving.

Are there any rate limiting?

In production (api.tibiadata.com) there are no limitations in terms of requests per second.

In development (dev.tibiadata.com) there is a limit of 2 requests per seconds.

Those limits can change over time and then you’ll see an update on out blogg about that and also here.

How long is data cached?

In v2 we introduced caching (original blogg post here), but there have been some adjustments since then.

The cache of data is currently configured as following:

300 seconds (5 min)

  • GET /v4/boostablebosses
  • GET /v4/character/:name
  • GET /v4/creature/:race
  • GET /v4/creatures
  • GET /v4/fansites
  • GET /v4/guild/:name
  • GET /v4/guilds/:world
  • GET /v4/highscores/:world/:category/:vocation/:page
  • GET /v4/house/:world/:house_id
  • GET /v4/houses/:world/:town
  • GET /v4/killstatistics/:world
  • GET /v4/news/archive
  • GET /v4/news/archive/:days
  • GET /v4/news/id/:news_id
  • GET /v4/news/latest
  • GET /v4/news/newsticker
  • GET /v4/spell/:spell_id
  • GET /v4/spells

60 seconds (1 min)

  • GET /v4/world/:name
  • GET /v4/worlds