Documentation of how to use our v2 highscores API.

TibiaData API v3 has been released and it’s not recommended to use v2 anymore.
Go to the documentation page to find a newer version.

Get various highscores of worlds

This API helps you to get a list of highscores on a certain world and on which category.




This GET request requires the field world to be set in the URL.

This GET request has optional fields category and vocation to be set in the URL.

Default value of category is experience.
You can use following fields instead: experience, magic, shielding, distance, sword, club, axe, fist, fishing, achievements, charmpoints, goshnarstaint and loyalty.

Default value of vocation is all.
You can use following fields instead: all, none, druid, knight, paladin and sorcerer.

Example URL:


Example JSON data:

  "highscores": {
    "filters": {
    "data": [
        "name": "Skoru",
        "rank": 1,
        "vocation": "Royal Paladin",
        "world": "Antica",
        "points": 6566551268,
        "level": 735
      }, {
        "name": "Lavish Life",
        "rank": 2,
        "vocation": "Elder Druid",
        "world": "Antica",
        "points": 5941095674,
        "level": 711
  "information": {
    "api_version": 2,
    "execution_time": 0.0014,
    "last_updated": "2017-12-15 08:00:00",
    "timestamp": "2017-12-15 08:00:02"