Happy New Year

We have slightly have changed plans from last year about new services and will focus at some other areas.

Our first goal for 2020 is to rewrite our API in another language (switching from php to golang).

Secondly we will go probably add some premium edition of out API, so that we can deliver a even better service in terms of faster processing of data and to be able to add more accurate data as it is today. We are not exactly there in how it will be, but stay tuned on that one!

And last but not least, we will look into doing it open-source soon, so that you then could contribute to our project or run the code on your own Kubernetes setup.

There will be some limitations when hosting it yourself, but more on that at another time.

I think we will leave it by this by now and go celebrate with your friends and we’ll keep you updated.

And if you got some questions as to the above or so, get in touch with me and I’m happy to answer it all!

Best regards,