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TibiaData API v4 released (v4.0.0)

A long waiting is over now.. today it’s finally time some new stuff!

Today we can announce that version 4 of TibiaData API is released!

Through our API, you can have access to an API providing information of characters, guilds, highscores, worlds and a lot more of Tibia.
You can based on the request provided by us build your own clients to retrieve the information you need.

Changes of TibiaData API v4

Since v4 is not a rewrite of TibiaData like we had with v3, the changes are not as large when migrating.

Largest change to the API is the implementation of better error responses, where you don’t get a 200 OK from our servers anymore even if an error occurred. You can find all the corresponding error codes that you can encounter inside the status section.

The structures of responses is slightly different when it comes to information section, where we now include additional information as for instance release version, git commit sha, status and error codes and more.

Head over to our documentation to play around with our API and get your tools migrated to v4.

The documentation

The documentation from v4 has been swagger-generated, so you can easily generate your own TibiaData client to consume our API.

You can find the swagger.json file in our tibiadata-api-docs repository on GitHub.

There is a swagger-documentation page available on, where you can play around.

The code

As mentioned in previous blog posts, TibiaData is now publishing it’s code publicly on GitHub.

Dig around and contribute to our repo to enhance our service.

You can find all our repos under our GitHub organization here.

We’ve also bumped the GitHub release version to match the API version.

Report issues

Report to us, if you find something that is not correct.
Suggest to us, if you are missing some feature and we’ll implement it.

Thank you!

Special thanks to all our contributors to TibiaData and thanks for everyone testing and reporting issues.

Try it yourself!

Kind regards,

TibiaData API v4 release scheduled

Testing of v4 is ongoing and we are in the final stage.

Our v4 is planned to be release the 2023-12-01!

The plan is to have v3 and v4 running in parallel for a period of 2 months and v3 is supposed to be deprecated the 2024-02-01.

Head over to our documentation page on and start on getting your integrations working for the new version.

Join our Discord server and jump into the #api channel and let’s discuss there or if you experience any issues ūüôā

Kind regards,

TibiaData release v3.7.4

We have released a new version of TibiaData!


You can find the changes in our Changelog

You can find the v3.7.4 release on GitHub on

Kind regards,

Maintenance of our service

Hi there,

Our hosting provider DigitalOcean will make changes in the networking equipment to improve performance and scalability of our hosting location. This maintenance will occur in two parts on consecutive days.

This maintenance is expected to not have any impact on our services, but we’ll monitor it and update if so.

Maintenance phase 1:
Start: 2023-08-14 18:00 UTC
End: 2023-08-14 22:00 UTC

Maintenance phase 2:
Start: 2023-08-15 18:00 UTC
End: 2023-08-15 22:00 UTC


TibiaData release v3.7.3

We have released a new version of TibiaData!


You can find the changes in our Changelog

You can find the v3.7.3 release on GitHub on

Kind regards,

Deploy TibiaData with Helm

Deploying applications on a Kubernetes cluster can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring manual configurations of deployments, services, and other resources. However, with the advent of Helm the deployment of TibiaData has become significantly easier.

All our charts are available through

Add the helm-chart repository
helm repo add tibiadata

Search for charts
helm repo search tibiadata

The charts-repository is located on our GitHub at

Kind regards,