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TibiaData API v3 beta delayed

I earlier announced that the v3 beta is supposed to be up and running by now, but there are some issues that need to be addressed first, until you can start testing it.

I’ve received a couple of emails after asking for interest in testing, which is really great! You will get a notification as soon as it’s available 🙂

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TibiaData API v3 beta

I can announce that TibiaData API version 3 is ready for testing from 24th of July.

There are a lot of changes coming with the newest version and we are very happy to get it out to you soon. Release is scheduled to end of this summer!

The documentation page will soon be updated with new details as well, so stay tuned!

Are you interested in testing our new version of TibiaData? The please drop an email to tobias@tibiadata.com.

UPDATE: some endpoints are not correct yet.. I’m working on them and will post a new update.

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