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TibiaData API v3 released (v3.0.0)

A long waiting is over now.. today it’s finally time some new stuff!

Today we can announce that version 3 of TibiaData API is released!

Through our API, you can have access to an API providing information of characters, guilds, highscores, worlds and a lot more of Tibia.
You can based on the request provided by us build your own clients to retrieve the information you need.

Changes of TibiaData API v3

Since v3 is a rewrite of TibiaData from PHP to Golang, the difference between v2 and v3 is larger than between v1 and v2.
Therefore we’ll not have a changelog list as we did in last release.

There have also been additions of endpoints like creatures, fansites, killstatistics and more.

Head over to our documentation to play around with our API and get your tools migrated to v3.

The documentation

The documentation from v3 has been swagger-generated, so you can easily generate your own TibiaData client to consume our API.

You can find the swagger.json file in our tibiadata-api-docs repository on GitHub.

There is a swagger-documentation page available on https://docs.tibiadata.com, where you can play around.

The code

As mentioned in previous blog posts, TibiaData is now publishing it’s code publicly on GitHub.

Dig around and contribute to our repo to enhance our service.

You can find all our repos under our GitHub organization here.

We’ve also bumped the GitHub release version to match the API version.

Upcoming improvements

We don’t have any proper error handling yet in addition to some other few minor things.

Therefore there will be some addition in the couple of days, but those will not impact you going from v2 to v3.

There will be separate blog posts when those are being added.

Report issues

Report to us, if you find something that is not correct.
Suggest to us, if you are missing some feature and we’ll implement it.

Thank you!

Special thanks to Kennedy (aka kamilon) and Pedro for the huge amount of contributions to TibiaData and thanks for everyone testing and reporting issues.

Try it yourself!

Kind regards,

Minor changes in TibiaData API

There have been a minor change to the TibiaData API regarding the gateway handling the requests.

Earlier, we’ve been using Nginx as handler of the requests, but we have successfully switched to Kong API Gateway instead. This is a first step into upcoming changes..

There are two things we would like to highlight so far.

  1. New headers related to caching by Kong
    API requests are cached in Kong API gateway instead of inside the application and with that there come a few benefits.
    Two new headers that are in place which could be nice for you to know more about:
    • Age – shows the age of the page in seconds (not presented if its not cached)
    • X-Cache-Status – identifies the status of the request’s proxy cache
      • Miss – the request was satisfied by being proxied upstream and parsed fresh data from tibia.com
      • Hit – the request was satisfied and served from cache
      • Bypass – the request could not be satisfied by the cache
  2. Response about page not found/no route existing
    • Earlier behavior, you where presented with a page not found page.
    • New behavior, you will either get a page not found or a JSON response saying there is no route.
    • Future change, you will later on only use JSON responses all the way.

If you want to know more, what the cache intervals are for the different endpoints, you can read our post about TibiaData cache intervals.

Please get in touch with us if you are experiencing any issues and we can try to resolve those.