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TibiaData cache intervals

I’ve received a lot of questions regarding realtime data and the cache we use on our side.. so I thought that I will give you some more details!

As from v2 of the API, we’ve implemented a cache, to minimize the resources that we use in for example CPU usage and to lower the amount of requests that poll our service on a seconds bases.
We at TibiaData understand that you want the latest latest data, but when receiving that amount of similar requests, we had to limit it somehow.

The cache we use is a memcached daemon, which stores data in the memory to serve the information faster to you.

Here is a list of the different API requests and the corresponding memcached timeouts.

  • Characters = 300 s
  • Guild/Guilds/Guildwars = 120 s
  • Highscore = 900 s
  • House/Houses = 300 s
  • News/Newslist = 900 s
  • World/Worlds = 60 s

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Best regards,
Tobias Lindberg