TibiaData API v2 released

Today I can announce that version 2 of TibiaData API is released!

Through our API, you can have access to an API providing information of characters, guilds, highscores, houses, news and all worlds of Tibia.
You can based on the request provided by us build your own clients to retrieve the information you need.

Changelog of TibiaData API v2

Changes compared to v1

  • Characters view
    • more details on the house
    • status flag on character itself
    • minor modifications of the json data
  • Guilds view
    • one new subrequest providing information about wars
    • adding flags
      • open / closed for applications
      • in war
      • online and offline players
      • disbanded warning
    • showing url to guild logo
    • changes to guildhall information
    • minor modifications of the json data
  • Highscores view
    • request returns all 300 top ranks on one single request
    • option to filter on vocation
    • adding keys to show filtered values at top
    • minor modifications of the json data
  • Houses view
    • new requests providing information about houses from tibia.com
  • News view
    • separation of requests for newstickers and latestnews
    • fixing a couple of formattings of html content
    • minor modifications of the json data
  • Worlds view
    • minor modifications of the json data
  • Overall changes
    • all integers should be formatted as integers instead of strings
    • requests contains version number, execution time, last updated and a timestamp
    • requests are cached on various lengths of minutes depending on what type it is
    • improvement in response time and optimizing of code

Report to us, if you find something that is not correct.
Suggest to us, if you are missing some feature and we’ll implement it.

Thanks to our testers Allan Galarzaa, Damian Busz and Stefan Ehlert and one big thanks thanks to all guys, who made any suggestions or reported issues of the previous API v1!

Try it yourself!


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