TibiaData release v0.5.0

We have released a new version of TibiaData!


  • Add unit tests for Spells Overview API, fix bugs in Spells Overview API (#55 by kamilon)
  • Add unit tests for Spells API, fix various bugs in pulling of spell data (#56 by kamilon)
  • Add unit tests for Kill Statistics API, move to goquery (#57 by kamilon)
  • Add unit tests for Guild Overview and Guild API (#58 by kamilon)
  • Add unit tests for Creatures Overview and Creature API, fix bug (#59 by kamilon)
  • Add unit tests for Highscores API (#61 by kamilon)
  • Add unit tests for Fansites API (#62 by kamilon)
  • Add unit tests for News List API and News API (#60 by kamilon)
  • Create and use HighscoreCategory enum (#63 by kamilon)
  • Feature: Tibia Houses endpoints (#26 by tobiasehlert)


  • Refactor gin server to reduce code duplication (#64 by kamilon)
  • Cache new regex queries (#66 by kamilon)


  • Fix race condition with TibiadataRequestStruct (#65 by kamilon)
  • Bump docker/build-push-action from 2.7.0 to 2.8.0 (#68 by dependabot)

You can find the changes in our Changelog

You can find the v0.5.0 release on GitHub on:

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