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TibiaData release v0.1.0

It’s possible to easily run TibiaData where you want now, since we are deploying new versions of our rewrite of TibiaData in Golang to both GitHub Container Registry and Docker Hub.

You can easily deploy TibiaData at your home or where ever you like easily by pulling the latest tag.

More information on how to get going, you can find on the readme.md file on GitHub.

Kind regards,

TibiaData has gone open-source

Yes you have heard correct!

TibiaData is present on GitHub now and we have started with our rewrite of Golang (v3) to be open-source and publicly available.

So why not check out the code for TibiaData v3 that is currently in beta?
In this case, head over here: https://github.com/TibiaData/tibiadata-api-go

As right now, the v3 is still in beta and we are developing on it. So why not help out and contribute to the project?
All contributions are welcome!

Kind regards,

TibiaData application for Android in public beta

Today I am glad to announce that TibiaData official app is added to Google Play and available in public beta right now!

You can find all the client information on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tibiadata.android.

To become a beta tester, simply go to https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.tibiadata.android and press on the button “Become a tester” and after that you can enjoy the latest updates right away on your phone and tablet.

The developer of this application is Stefan Ehlert and has made a great job in programming the client to be a clean awesome app. Thumbs up for his great work!